KWAVE radio attends The Genius Club premiere

December 27, 2006

Last night I was the premiere of “The Genius Club” at Fox Studios in Century City. I won’t say too much about the movie except that you’re probably going to want to see it when it comes to wide-release toward the end of the year.

What I really want to talk about was the innate coolness of going to a Hollywood movie premiere as “The Press.” That was us. We brought my trusty 17” Powerbook, M-Audio Firewire 410, my boomstand and travel mic and got to interview some of the cast (Jacob Bonnema, Paula Jai Parker, Jack Scalia, and Stephen Baldwin) and the director (Tim Chey). I’ll most likely feature these in an episode somewhere down the line.

When we pulled in it was almost surreal driving through all the backdrops and sets that we’ve come to know and love from Hollywood hits such as Batman and Star Wars. To me, the coolest part was when we were allowed to by-pass the line completely and go directly in to meet with the cast and director. On-lookers followed us with their eyes and heads as security opened the doors for us and ushered us in.

I could not help but think of the Lord in this. Jesus Christ has given those of us who believe, direct access to God the Father. Hmmm…we were given direct access to the filmmaker of

2 Responses to “KWAVE radio attends The Genius Club premiere”

  1. The premiere of The Genius Club also blazed in Dallas. Close to a thousand showed up at the gathering at the W Hotel.

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